AirData.kz is a non-profit open data project launched by enthusiasts from the international volunteer organization Global Shapers (an initiative of the World Economic Forum). AirData.kz has an official agreement with RSE "Kazhydromet" to provide the collected data free of charge to researchers working in the ecological domain.

What are our goals?

Store historical data

Maintaining historical air pollution data is vital for tracking trends, evaluating control measures, and guiding informed decisions. This information supports public awareness, safeguards human health, and protects the environment.

Provide public access

Open data plays a crucial role in addressing air pollution by fostering transparency, collaboration, and accessibility. By sharing air quality data freely, we empower communities, researchers, and policymakers to tackle pollution effectively and create a healthier environment for all.

Raise awareness

Educating people and raising awareness about air pollution is vital for creating a cleaner and healthier environment. By increasing public understanding of the causes, consequences, and solutions for air pollution, we contribute to long-lasting, positive change in air quality for everyone's benefit.

Reports you may want to explore

Almaty PM 2.5 Report
Current Month

Almaty PM 2.5 air pollution dashboard for the current month (desktop version)

Almaty PM 2.5 Report
Previous Month

Almaty PM 2.5 air pollution dashboard for the previous month (desktop version)


Archive of our monthly reports

How can you access the data we collect?

Google Cloud Platform Account

Data that we collect is stored in Google Cloud Platform. To access the data, you need to have an account

Access data in Google BigQuery

• SELECT * FROM airdatakz-v4.public.raw_data
• SELECT * FROM airdatakz-v4.public.sensors_en

Save the data to your account

Store the data in your account, activate scheduled queries if needed, and build your own data marts

Analyze and visualize

Analyze data to uncover valuable insights and built your own dashboards on your preferred BI tool

What are our values and principles?

"Liberty is the right not to lie. Freedom is the right to never have to lie", - Albert Camus

AirData.kz places significant emphasis on the integrity of the data we share. We present data in its purest form, striving to draw greater public awareness to the issue of air pollution and its consequences. Our mission centers on offering open, independent, and dependable information about air pollution, grounded in the principle of open data.

Our actions in numbers



We gather data from over 200 sensors situated in 73 cities and towns throughout Kazakhstan

Community members


The AirData Community on Telegram boasts over 100 active members, fostering collaboration and engagement among its participants

Data collection


Data is gathered from open sensors at 20-minute intervals, ensuring timely and up-to-date information for analysis

How to support us?

AirData.kz is a non-profit volunteer project that do not have any sources of income. Your generous donations help us continue providing open access to crucial air pollution data. By contributing, you play a vital role in empowering society with data and analytics that will be used to create a healthier environment for all of us. Every contribution counts – together, we can make a difference.